Climate-Adaptive Population Supplementation (CAPS)

Cost-effective management of supplemented species in a changing climate

The CAPS Mission

CAPS seeks to boost the efficiency of population supplementation programs by propagating portfolios of climate-resilient genotypes. This will entail a shift in the mindset of stocking and planting programs, supported by careful comparisons of climate-relevant traits and genes among strains/cultivars. Both scientific innovation and stakeholder engagement will be essential for the successful development and application of the CAPS concept across management spheres.

Trait profiling strains/cultivars

Identify climate-associated traits among strains within your species

Characterize environments

What do the environments you place organisms into look like now? In 50-100 years?

Test performance of strains across environments

Outplant a set of strains into environments and measure fitness/survival

Create a portfolio of strains

Choose strains with good performance across projected environmental conditions

Interested in learning more?

Check out the CAPS Workshop page!

Photo by Lauren Owens Lambert